Internet Nostalgia – what Facebook and other sites USED to look like

Can you remember the days when dial-up was considered great? You know, when you couldn’t use your land-line and PC at the same time? The days when you had to sit and watch  how much internet you used like a petrol metre? When websites with flash images seemed awesome?

I was thinking about those days a short while ago and it got me thinking about how some of our most popular websites looked “back in the day”.

Remembering the first time Facebook was mentioned in the UK, a reporter for BBC said that the website was revolutionary and so slick and easy to use. When you look at the original image now, you may be inclined to disagree. Facebook was introduced (properly anyway) shortly after I returned from my travels –  a year long stint around the world when I had to make-do with sharing photos on Photobox and friends and family had to purchase images just to make sure I wasn’t dead. Even the email back then was a sheer wonder.

It has been fun re-living how these websites have evolved – try and enjoy it as much as I did. So let’s see how the following sites looked when they first started.

Google; Facebook; Twitter; Wikipedia; BBC News; Apple; and Amazon

Google in 1996


Facebook in 2004



Twitter in 2006


Wikipedia in 2001


BBC News in 1997


Apple in 1996


Amazon in 1995


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